Work in progress

The bellow limitations are already being investigated and will be released in the next versions.

  • Parallel execution: branches in a graph are not executed in parallel nor concurrently yet.

Python limitations

The following limitations are inherited from Python and can be only solved when it is solved by the language or resorting to the use of third-party workarounds.

  • Overload transformers: Python provide us a way to overload function definitions and get its overloads at execution time. However, apparently, there is no way to forward all this overloads to a complex structure created from the overloaded function (like transformers). It is possible to be done considering only the execution but the type checker will not be aware of the overloads.

  • Higher-Kinded Types: this is a feature of strong typed languages, like Scala, Haskell and Rust. However, even in Typescript there is an open issue for that and in Java this must be simulated. So, it was to be expected that we can’t use it natively in Python yet. Although there already is a workaround for that from the Returns library, we didn’t investigate a consistent way to integrate it to Gloe yet.